Rules Before Posting

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Rules Before Posting

Post by [#SP]Topic!™ on Sat Dec 10, 2011 9:19 pm

These are the forum rules which is really important to read if you want to avoid getting banned or receiving an infraction point from our Admins

1.Keep your language clean!

2.Always show respect to your fellow members and Admins!/No flaming/trolling/insulting/disrespecting!

3.No spam/useless/pointless posts!

4.Don't request or uppload Torrents/Illegal/Cracks/Key's/Pirated stuff.

5.Racism is not allowed, if you're a racist keep it for yourself don't start argues.

6.Speak English or provide an English translation!

7.Don't spam threads with smiley's or random text like "lol" just type what you found funny. In other words don't spam stuff to raise up your posts counter!

8.Stay on topic!

9.Check the top 'Sticky' threads!

Report posts breaking the rules!

You should observe if a fellow forum member breaking the rules, please report the post by clicking the "Report Post" button located to the left of every post, or feel free to contact #SP Staff if the rule violation is major.
If you see a rule violation, report it and move on.

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